Does your living room have the doldrums or maybe just a simple case of blah? It might be time to ramp up your décor. Glossy photos of professionally designed rooms can be intimidating not to mention the possible damage they can do to any budget.  Use a little creativity and do it yourself labor and follow these recommendations for revamping your living space on a budget.

Clear all the furnishings from the space. Any items that are too large to relocate cover with a tarp or a large sheet. Remove artwork and window treatments from the walls. Spackle and sand all holes in preparation for painting. Select a light paint color that compliments the shades within sight line of the space to be painted. If you’re having difficulties selecting a paint color, remember that choosing a baby’s name is a huge decision, selecting a $25 gallon of paint is not.  Apply two coats of paint and touch up baseboards and trim work as needed.

Before returning the main furnishings to the space, identify the room’s focal point. This could be a fireplace, large picture window or dominant piece of furniture. Arrange the sofa and chairs in a conversational setting around this focal point. Avoid the temptation to return smaller, occasional, pieces of furniture to the space to limit the amount of clutter. Don’t feel the need to cover every wall and floor space. Ensure ample passageways around the furnishings.

Edit the accessories to be returned to the space. Group like items in collections of three. Consider storing excess accessories and rotating them throughout the year. Select window treatments that complement the existing upholstery and new paint color. Hang window treatments three inches below the ceiling to draw the eye upward and increase the sense of space in the room.

Finally, take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons  and select colorful accents from the great collection available at Ugg Autstralia. Step back and admire your new space and give yourself a pat on the back for accomplishing a new look in a tired space on a reasonable budget!

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