Qysmia is yet another type of weight loss drug approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA). It is pronounced as Q-sim-ia. This drug is said to be one of the effective drugs which has been approved by agency. There are many in market such as Phentermine, Duromine and many others which act as appetite suppressants. These are mainly prescribed for obese people who have difficulty in controlling their dietary requirements. Qysmia is combination of Phentermine and topiramate capsules. Qysmia is manufactured by Vivus Inc. They have other brands of weight loss products too. This pill is suggested for obese adults whose body mass index (BMI) is above 30 or older aged people whose body mass index is above 27. But, the major difference among other weight loss pills and Qysmia is that it isonly prescribed to those people who are obese and have the medical conditions such as high cholesterol, type 2 Diabetes or high blood pressure.

Qsymia – What is it? How does it work?

Qsymia is formed by combining two potent prevailing drugs. Those are Phentermine and Topiramate. Phentermine has a reputation of being the powerful drug as an anorectic or appetite suppressants. It stimulates Hypothalamus gland in the body from releasing hormones in the body which gives the user as being full and less hungry. It is often used for short period of time around six to eight weeks. The second drug is topirmate. The drug is known as anti-convulsant.  It means that, it is an anti-seizure medicine which is generally used to treat epilepsy. It makes people feel fuller after eating. Usually doctors prescribe two separate drugs; one for treating weight loss and second an anti-convulsant. But, with Qysmia, a patient can use only medicine and get cured of obesity. In short it is used to trick the brain from the disorder of over eating, also known as binge eating. Check out the price of Qsymia for 30 days.

Positive and Negative Effects of Using Qsymia:

The amount of weight loss in people depends on many factors such as weight, body mass index, gender, age, illness. It has been observed that people who have taken this pill for over a year have lost tremendous amount of weight. On an average, studies say that, people who have taken middle dose of drug have lost up to 8.5 per cent of their body weight and people who have used a higher dose have lost up to 10.6 per cent. The physician who prescribes this medicine usually monitors the body weight of the user. It is suggested by FDA to strictly monitor the effect of this drug on human body. In some cases, if the pill does not show any significant change in first three months, they are advised to quit the usage. However, one should follow absolutely strict diet and regular weight loss exercises. Like all other weight loss pills, even Qsymia should only be used as a supplement and not as an alternative to exercise or nutritious diet.


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