Prescription Is a Must when it comes to Legally Purchasing Steroids

Steroids are used widely by many athletes and bodybuilders to improve their endurance and get lean mass.

First Time Buyers

If your doctor has prescribed steroids, then the first place you would start looking for would be medical or online stores. Not all steroids will be available online and some others might be out of stock. So you always need to have a backup plan in such situations.

Now, before you go on your hunting spree, you first need to find out whether the steroid is legal in your state. If you are travelling and happen to carry steroids without a prescription, you can land in serious trouble.

You also need to research your options when it comes to steroids. If your main focus is improving your stamina, then you need to find licensed stores to get performance enhancing drugs. Ensure that you check reviews and gather as much information about the store from where you plan to purchase these steroids.

Build Your Network

If you are not able to find the steroids online, you can always rely on blogs and forums for information. Not everyone will share such information on a public forum. Here is where you might need to build up on your networking skills.

If you ask questions like “How can I get steroids?” in a public forum, you might attract unwanted attention. Some might think you are trying to purchase these steroids illegally and are searching for black market dealers. A better approach would be:

  • Get acquainted with few people onto the forum
  • Explain about why your doctor prescribed steroids
  • Casually enquire about some good brands of steroids
  • When they are comfortable in your company, they might be able to reveal some private dealers

Ensure that all such conversations are held in private chats or messages.

Checking Out Ads on Steroids

If you are a regular internet user, then you might have come across steroids ads. You can even enquire about these ads and see what they have to offer. Some websites might require you to become a member for a nominal fee.


If it is genuine website, then it would be worth it if it allows you a list of legal dealers selling steroids. Since all this is carried out discreetly, you might have to provide reference about how you came to know about the dealer.


Ensure that you enquire about such dealers and see what types of steroids they sell. Do not get fooled by ads that make fake promises.